Geometrical Shape Building Block


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This puzzle has educational significance.
It’s made of high-quality wood, environmental protection, without odor.
It can develop baby’s color and shape cognitive ability, hand-eye coordination, creativity, and greatly enrich a babies life and improve intelligence.
It’s very suitable for babies 2 to 6 years old.
Attention Please: Because of the different production batch, a few parts, colors or styles may vary.
Approximate dimensions of the product: 20*12CM.
Main material: High-quality wood.
Healthy and beautiful.
Tested to be safe and durable, great fun for your baby and kid.
Gorgeous and colorful, will attract baby’s attention and love.
Let baby Learn through entertainment.
Recommended Age Range 2 Years and up.
Kids will have fun learning.
Develop baby’s cognitive ability with color, shape, hand-eye coordination and creativity.
Ships from Hong Kong.