Creative Baby Toys Lovely Nodding Doll Tumbler Early Educational Toys, Panda


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Ships from Hong Kong. Made of ABS plastic, this nodding doll toy is suitable for the baby more than 3 months. It’s on a weighted base so it will never tip over and won’t go far so the baby will be encouraged to play again and again. Also, it has the feature of nodding. It will make bell sound when the baby push or pull it, which helps to stimulate the development of baby’s hearing, Bright colors and super cute expression help to stimulate the development of baby’s visual sense. What a funny toy! The dimension is 10.8*12.7cm. Made of ABS plastic. Size: 10.8 * 12.7cm. Suitable for babies who are more than 3 months. Will nodding but never tip over. A funny educatinal baby toy.